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About Us

Our company has been family owned and operated since 1975.  We are committed to helping clients mitigate risk in their businesses and obtaining verified information needed to make crucial decisions.  Insurance companies, law firms, and brand owners trust us when litigation arises.

“I rely on Santoni Investigations for competitive intelligence, employment background checks, trademark investigations, supply chain due diligence and external theft. Santoni is a trusted resource that helps us mitigate risk while protecting our employees and facility.”

Patrick Redfern, President

For Attorneys

Corporate investigations are useful when companies face a number of challenges internally and externally. They must be vigilant in protecting assets and mitigating risk in all areas of their business.

For Businesses

Just as you have a security system for your physical property, you need a system to protect your ideas.

Public Speaking

You can either invite Tim to join you at your next scheduled company event or we can arrange a roundtable for you.

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