Our Talented Team

Tim Santoni

Tim Santoni

Tim has been president and CEO of Santoni Investigations since 2011. He serves as the main point of contact for the company’s clients and provides them with the insight they need to create an investigation. He has held numerous speaking engagements where he continues to educate and inform attorneys, business owners and other investigators. He is up-to-date on the up and coming technology that is prevalently used in the investigation industry. His forefront experience is with brand and trademark disputes where he strives to protect his clients from any and all infringements.


Mike Santoni
Founder/Director of Investigations

Back in 1975 when he finished college, Mike Santoni knew that he was going to be a detective. After realizing he didn’t want to go into the public sector, he became an apprentice as a private investigator. Ever since, he has used his analytic mind to crack case after case. After over 40 years experience, there are few cases that can stump him. He is a mentor to his colleagues and plays an instrumental role in the planning of execution of cases at Santoni Investigations.

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Melissa Macare

Melissa Macare
V.P. of Operations

Serving as the VP of Operations at Santoni Investigation means wearing a lot of hats. Melissa is more than just a supervisor and serves as backbone of the company. She ensures that the day-to-day operations of the company run smoothly. This includes handling the financials of the company and Human Resources.

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 Jacqueline Macare

Jakkie Macare
Background Screening Consultant/Investigative Consultant

While employment backgrounds checks and trademark investigations are her specialty, Jakkie has extensive experience with all aspects of investigation. She approaches every case with a curious mind. Always making sure to check under every rock, she is tenacious with finding the information that will best help the client and the case.

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Shane Nelson
Investigative Consultant

Shane is a licensed private investigator and works directly with the internal team and field resources to handle; Asset Searches, Background Investigations, Surveillance, Claims Investigations and Skip-Tracing/Locates.