Family Law Investigations

Family Law Investigations

Cohabitation Investigations

When you need to know if your ex-spouse is residing with a partner and your support payments hinge on the results you need an experienced investigator that can think outside the box.  Cohabitation Investigation often involve a variety of investigative techniques based on the case facts.

  • Property Ownership Research
  • Utility Searches
  • Vehicle Ownership Research
  • Surveillance / Spot Checks
  • Discreet Canvassing of Neighbors/Tenants
  • Surveillance


Computer & Cell Phone Forensics

When you are locked out of the family computer or need valuable evidence from a cell phone or iPad a comprehensive computer forensics investigation can unlock the financial information you need to negotiate and make better decisions when it comes to your divorce.  When you need to preserve text messages, photos or emails to support filing of a restraining order or motion you need trusted source to get what you need in short amount of time.

Custody Disputes

Is your spouse or ex-spouse violating custody orders?  Are they failing to use the court appointed monitor?  Are they driving your kids around without a valid driver’s license?  Who is really watching your kids when your ex-spouse has visitation?  These questions create anxiety and fear.  Get the information and evidence you need to support a modification of visitation order and peace of mind by conducting surveillance.

Background Profiles

When you leave your children with your ex-spouse and need to know who is living at the house and has access to your children you deserve to know what kind of civil, criminal and federal cases those people may have been involved with.  If your ex-spouse is trusting their new boyfriend or girlfriend to drive your children you need to know if they have a valid license, if they have a history of DUI (Driving Under the Influence) and accidents.  Get the whole picture and get piece of mind.


A surveillance investigation is useful to document evidence of infidelity, cohabitation, violation of custody orders and substance abuse.  Once you have the complete picture you can proceed with the appropriate legal remedy and provide valuable evidence to your lawyer that will impact your case dramatically.  The key to getting results in a surveillance investigation involves profiling the subject and creating a surveillance plan.


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Social Media Investigations & Preservation

If you need crucial evidence that is hidden or believed to be deleted you need an investigator with training in OSINT (Open Source Intelligence).  Identifying subjects, finding hidden photos, videos and messages can make or break your case.  You will also need to document and preserve the information found in Social Media/Open Source Investigation for use as evidence in your case.  Get the complete picture.

GPS Tracking

When you need to track your spouse or loved one, and you have a legal right, a GPS Tracking device can provide useful information to support evidence of infidelity, substance abuse, employment and aide in surveillance investigations.  Contact us to find out if you have a legal and permissible reason to use a GPS tracking device.

Service of Process

When you are fearful for your safety and that of your children you need an experienced investigator/process server to complete timely service of restraining orders and notices of hearings.  We work with attorneys and their clients to come up with a plan to get you legal documents served.

Bug Sweeps:

When you are fighting with your spouse, you fear that he or she is monitoring your movements, listening to your conversations, or has access to your computer, and you need to take action.  In many instances an evaluation of the current network configuration, security cameras, computer systems and electronics is the first step in blocking remote access.  In many situations a sweep for recording devices, cameras and trackers in your home and vehicles is absolutely necessary.  This short video below answers many questions you might have.