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Intellectual Property and Brand Protection


Just as you have a security system for your physical property you need a system to protect your ideas, inventions, brands, domain names and trademarks. Physical property can be replaced but your intellectual property is one of a kind and can be the key to your company, career and even lifelong wealth. The Internet has made intellectual theft global, consequentially much easier to accomplish and much harder to punish.

Intellectual Property Theft Costs Business Big Bucks

According the FBI, intellectual property theft costs US businesses billions of dollars per year in lost sales. Knockoff items are easily sold on the Internet if not in outdoor markets around the world. This not only cost you real dollars, but also brand equity as the knock-offs don’t measure up to customer expectations.

Worldwide Presence and Protection

With offices in eight major US cities, we are highly accessible and will help you customize a course of action to prevent the theft of your ideas, innovations, or brand. Coverage matters when investigating an infringement issue as does experience and know-how.

With more than 35 years of experience and thousands of successful investigations, we partner with our international alliances, customs officials, local and federal law enforcement agencies to find the sources, compile evidence, and ensure your case is properly executed to help recover losses. Our Infringement Monitoring and Evidence Acquisition services provide an effective, action-oriented solution to Internet brand abuses. Additionally, through global strategic alliances with partners like I-OnAsia, we provide worldwide supply chain coverage that addresses infringement issues from source to sale.

Setting a 3-Point Course of Action and a Counter-Attack Plan

With more technological advancements come more ways for criminals to counterfeit your goods. Just keeping track of it feels like a losing game of Whac-a-mole(TM). It may be time to bring the experts in to devise a proactive monitoring and investigations plan.

6 Ways to Uncover

Download the 6 Ways to Uncover Infringement Sources to mindfully be aware of ways to check that your intellectual property is not being compromised.

  1. Identify Sources of Infringement
    • Identify sources of counterfeit or pirated goods, including the individuals or companies involved in distribution.
    • Conduct anonymous evidentiary purchases that will be admissible as evidence.
  2. Support Enforcement Action
    • Execute civil seizures to recover counterfeit merchandise in coordination with law enforcement organizations.
    • Comply with the letter of the law to withstand the scrutiny of anticipated legal action and testify as needed in court.
  3. Design a Program for Prevention
    • Develop a program for anti-counterfeiting and anti-piracy that helps you proactively respond to infringements in the marketplace now and in the future.
    • Set up a security infrastructure to assist you in the prevention of channel disruption, including the design, installation, and optimization of monitoring equipment.

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