Chris George, President/CEO

John Fecteau, CEO/President
Worldlink Integration Group

Patrick Redfern, President
Patrick Redfern







“I rely on Santoni Investigations for competitive intelligence, employment background checks, trademark investigations, supply chain due diligence and external theft. Santoni is a trusted resource that helps us mitigate risk while protecting our employees and facility.”

David Steele, Partner
Tucker Ellis, LLP

David Steele









“Santoni investigators are experts in trademark infringement. No matter where the case occurs in the world — or even in cyberspace — with Santoni’s assistance our clients have been able to successfully pursue some of the most nefarious infringers. Santoni always exceeds my expectations!”

Rob Gibson
Gibson Hughes
Rob Gibson








“The Santoni team are litigation investigation experts. Their on-point strategies reliably develop evidence I can use them to build my case.”

Kelly Migoya
Abeltin & Migoya, LLP

Kelly Woolsey Migoya








“In all the years (20+) of working with Santoni I can’t recall a subject that they could not locate.”